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;;blackbird singing in the dead of night
01.15.11 - half-locked
first, we have to be friends!
Irina for the win ----->

I didn't fail the german language test, I got 7 (and the highest mark is 10!) and I'm happy about it. Yes Man made me laugh until I was crying, but that's just the effect Jim leaves on me. Yes, I'm one of those people who don't need to go to the left. Went to the Body Shop and bought eyeshadow that I might even use them! I like it there and they don't test on animals, which is good. Chicken is your friend, not a nugget (though mcdonald's can make you sick anyway). It's fun to make people laugh until they're pleading for you to stop cracking jokes, it comes naturally, hahah. And it's fun, though other kinds of people who don't understand them, find them weird. It's a huge fiasco. SIESTA. I don't know, whatever. It's their fault/loss.

And I just rediscovered Bob Urnham's youtube channel, I'm laughing my guts out.

01.20.09(no subject)
the beatles - i've just seen a face

ngl, the song of january
01.01.09 - le chat
2009 is already good, 5AM and i'm going to bed after an hour. Fun, no sleep tonight~

robyn - eclipse
i like it, completely and absolutely.

my cat is snoring, Peach is good at sleeping after throwing me a odd look when I tried to loudly say 'tsk', because, honestly, I didn't get it. Woot, I'm slow at those things. skype is a pretty good invention, as I can talk to Laura all night long. Yesterday it downed to me that I feel good about coming clean with other people, telling what I really think about them... it makes me feel like I'm not building up a pile of mess that would just make me even more furious in the end. It's better to talk it out :)

TO BE MORE OUT-GOING AND NOT SO SHY, a hard task for me. Geez.
this is the WTF part of the week, literally. my friend pointed it out.
and it really DOES feel like the wtf part. i'm hoping that i could stay home tomorrow, like, google how to fake sick or something. jk! but i really want tooo. it's the last week, yet we have tons of things to do.
so, what are you doing on WTF? or what your plans for WTF are?

my breathing is the right one and i'm supposedly the second soprano. whoo!
i hope that her ears didn't bleed much, i tried my best and now i have an homework too. lol.
i decided to put some christmas-ey lights on my wall, just like everyone does. obviously, i'm really different from 'everyone', because i seriously failed. they're now on the ground and my cat is strangling himself. kidding! peach is just playing... and now she's incredibly mad about the fact that me and mom made her eat medicine. i guess i'll be sleeping alone tonight.
sing a song, yay. i'm getting away from the last lesson, teacher is probably grinding her teeth already, because i didn't keep the promise of cleaning the classroom. no way, teachers can be really grumpy. and evil and such.

these are the last brain broadening days, yet it feels like they take forever. oh... out!
12.15.08 - oh, the thought!
a band named king of the castle
i hope that one like that doesn't already exist, because it would be hilarious... borat reference for the win.
i have 2 redbulls and 12 hours to finish a Harry Potter book report. i'm writing about the seventh book, ohh, joy. i probably won't drink them both tonight (let's leave one for the morning!) otherwise i'll just jingle around the whole night. gee, mom would be pleased. and i have to write 5,5 pages! however, i'm meeting the singing teacher on wednesday. she's really awesome and kind and... err.. bright? that leaves the plans with mom a little aside. and i have cleaned my room, a little bit. cat loves it, though she is becoming a fat ball of fur and breaking my ribs every night... not my fault, tho.

in the january vogue there's this dolce & gabbana add which has old ladies in it. the one of them is oh-em-gee tangerine. i do understand that it's fashion... and slight humor? but not all the old women are like that, hahahah nonetheless.

winter break is time to grow your eyebrows out!

no new year in paris this year, no nothing. just the usual family activities, which are fun nonetheless. :') on tuesday i'll shop for gifts and then i have to see the doctor on thursday. x-ray and blood test results, whoo. but tomorrow i'm going to go to the music school, i want to sing. idk if i'm the voice material they would like to see-hear-teach. so excited, tho.

5 days of brain boiling, studying and then it's DONE. well deserved (i think so?) break.
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